KLM houses



Rynbende was the first distillery to supply the genever to the KLM in the 1950's.

Rynbende supplied 'jonge jenever', 'Zeer oude Genever' and 'Apricot brandy'

Different text layout was used, here are some examples:


Smaller printBigger printNumber on top, more text

Handpainted, very earlyWith glassNumber below

Text onlyNo blue number


Different KLM logos were used:

Closed crownNo crown

Closed crown on stickerOpen crown

If anyone has information on when the logos were changed I would like to know. 

The current logo was used in 1969, probably earlier as well.




    1front 1back 1bottom  

    5front 5back 5bottom  

    7front 7back 7bottom  

    8front 8back 8bottom  

    9front 9back 9bottom

    10front 10back 10bottom  

    13front 13back 13bottom

    14front 14back 14bottom  

    15front 15back 15bottom  

    16front 16back 16bottom  

    18front 18back 18bottom  

    20front 20back 20bottom  

    21front 21back 21bottom  

    22front 22back 22bottom  

    23front 23back 23bottom  

    25front 25back 25bottom  

    26front 26back 26bottom

    30front 30back 30bottom  

    31front 31back 31bottom

    32front 32back 32bottom  

    36front 36back 36bottom

    38front 38back 38bottom  

    42front 42back 42bottom

    43front 43back 43bottom